Our 2018 Canoe and Kayak gift guide

Our handpicked gift guide and ideas for canoe and kayak enthusiasts both on and off the water

All out of birthday or Christmas gift ideas? This handpicked gift guide will help you find the perfect gift for yourself or the canoe/kayak buff in your family. After you've loaded up on gear head over to our trip providers section to find a canoe trip or kayak trip near you and put your new equipment to work.

Waterproof Backpack

Canoe and Kayak Gift Guide Waterproof Backpack
Keep your valuables dry or store wet clothes inside. Holds your water bottles and floats if dropped in the water.

Polarized Sunglasses

Canoe and Kayak Sunglasses
Polarized sunglasses help reduce glare on the water.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Canoe and Kayak Bluetooth Speaker
Portable and waterproof. Loud enough for those close by to hear. Keep your phone safe by connecting via bluetooth.

Water/Aqua Shoes

Best Kayaking and Canoe Shoes
Water shoes will protect your feet, give you grip and dry out quickly if wet.

Waterproof Solar Powered Watch

Canoe and Kayak gift guide Waterproof Watch

Water resistant and solar powered. Reliable and durable.

Travel FIshing Rod and Case

Canoe and Kayak Fishing Rod

A collapsible fishing rod, reel and carrying case with room for tackle.

Waterproof Stowaway

Canoe and Kayak Dry Box gift guide

A waterproof container to keep your phone, wallet and other electronics dry.

Kayak Fishing Rod Holder

The Best Kayak Fishing Rod Holder Gift Guide
Easy to mount kayak fishing rod holder.

Portable Canoe Seat

Portable Canoe Seat

A portable and fold-able canoe seat offering extra back support on longer trips.

Terminal Tackle Shirt

UV Protection Shirt

A shirt that offers UV protection and made of quick dry fabric.

Canoe and Kayak Fishing Net

Canoe and Kayak Fishing Net

A small and lightweight fishing net.

Cooler and Rod Holder

Kayak gift guide Cooler and Rod Holder

A durable cooler with built in fishing rod holders. Store bait or keep your drinks cold and keep your rods out of the way.

Wireless Bluetooth Fish Finder

Bluetooth Fish Finder

Find water temperature and depth with this bluetooth fish finder.

Waterproof solar Powered Phone Case

Kayak Phone Case

Protect your phone and charge your battery from the water.

Kayak Trolley

Canoe and Kayak Trolley

Get to and from the water with ease. This trolley will do most of the work for you as you transport your canoe or kayak from your vehicle to the water.

Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable Kayak gift guide

Inflatable two person kayak with adjustable backrests.

Canoe and Kayak Life jacket

Canoe and Kayak Life Vest

Offers protection as well as multiple storage pockets.

Canoe and Kayak Hoist and Storage

Canoe and Kayak Hoist

Frees up space and keeps your vessel out of the way.

Dog Life Jacket

Canoe and Kayak Gift Guide for dogsKeep your dog safe on the water. The handle straps will make it easy to lift your dog in and out of your kayak, canoe or boat.

Kayak Roof Rack

Easily attaches to your vehicle's roof rack and allows you to safely transport your kayak to and from the water.

Truck/Suv Holder

Carry your kayak or canoe from the bed of your truck or inside your SUV.

Super Soaker/Water Launcher

A simple toy to add some fun while on the water.

Fishing Tackle Backpack

2018 Canoe and Kayak Gift Guide for fishing
Easily store and carry all your tackle and tools.

Portable Fishing Scale

Portable fishing scale. Record your personal best.

Waterproof AM/FM Crank Radio

2018 Canoe and Kayak Gift Guide Waterproof Radios
Listen to local stations while on the water. Water resistant and crank powered so you don't have to worry about running out of battery.

Floating Bobber Cooler

A Floating plastic cooler in the shape of a fishing bobber.

Foldable Anchor

Foldable Kayak and Canoe Anchor

This compact anchor is just over 3lbs and comes with 25 feet of rope and a storage case.

Floating Insulated Cooler

Floating insulated river cooler gift guide

A hard plastic floating and insulated cooler to keep your drinks cold even after hours in the sun.

Crocs Shoes

Birthday Ideas for Kayakers Crocs Shoes

Rubber shoes that will protect your feet, drain water and dry quickly.

Fishing Grips

2018 Kayak Fishing Gift Fish Grips

Fishing grips help land and hold toothy fish, keeping your hands safe from harm.

Tactical Flashlight & Knife

Survival Flashlight and Survival Knife 2018 Gift Ideas

Useful survival tools, essential for long trips.


Canoe Birthday Gift Ideas Compass

Essential for navigating large bodies of water.

Bass Fishing Lures

Kayak Fishing Christmas Gift Idea Bass Fishing

A great addition to any fisherman's tackle box.

Portable Hammock

Canoe Christmas Gift List Hammock

Easy to set up and take down. Stowed away in small bag for easy storage.

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