Whether you’re new to fishing or simply on budget, having your own fishing kayak doesn’t have to break the bank. Adding accessories to your current kayak yourself will save you money and allow you to build a vessel specific to your needs. Below is our list of accessories that will help turn your ordinary kayak into a fish catching machine.

Our list of DIY kayak accessories includes:

  • Rod Holders
  • Portable Folding Anchor
  • Paddle Holder & Leash
  • Handheld Fishing Net
  • Camera Mount
  • Compact Tackle Box

1. Rod Holders

Rod holders not only allow you to carry multiple fishing poles at once but also keep your hands free when paddling around the river or lake. Shown below is a screw on holder for the front of your kayak, two flush mount holders for the back of your kayak and if you don't want to drill any holes there are also clamp on holders for your canoe or kayak.

2. Portable Folding Anchor

There is nothing worse than being on the perfect fishing spot only to constantly be blown off of it by the wind. A foldable anchor is not only portable and easy to store, but will keep you in one spot letting you get as many casts in as needed.

3. Paddle Holder & Leash

A paddle holder gives you plenty of room to make casts and is much more convenient than resting your paddle across your body. A paddle leash will keep your paddle close in the event that your paddle goes overboard.

4. Handheld Fishing Net

A fishing net is ideal for landing big fish and compact fishing net can be easily stored inside or on the front of your canoe or kayak.

5. GoPro and Camera Mount

Easily mount a camera to your canoe or kayak to catch all of your adventures on the water.

6. Compact Tackle Box

When space is limited, decisions regarding what tackle to bring will need to be made. Luckily there's many options on the market for storing your tackle and tools as compactly as possible.

Looking for more DIY kayak accessory ideas? Check out our kayak accessories page to shop for the newest products on the market. We hope to see you on the water!

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