Our kayak categories include:

Fishing & Pedal Kayaks

Get to the fishing spots boats can't reach. Designed with stability and maneuverability in mind with the benefits of storage designed to hold your rods and tackle.

Sit On Top Kayaks

Great for the warmer months and the open deck design does not confine you to a limited space.

Recreational Kayaks

The closed cockpit design will help you stay dry during rough weather and provide shelter from the elements.

Ocean & Sea Kayaks

The long and narrow design of  ocean and sea kayaks allows them to cover long distances and handle rough water.

Tandem & Two Person Kayaks

Share your kayaking experiences with family and friends

Inflatable Kayaks

Lightweight and easily stored away when not being used.

Looking to customize your kayak? Head over to our accessory spotlight to gather ideas for attachments to add to your kayak.