This Viper Kayak review is based off of my experience with actually owning two of these kayaks. I've included my thoughts, a few pictures and a pros/cons list below to help you better come to a buying decision. Should you have any question don't hesitate to reach out via our contact form.

Viper Kayak Review: Is It Worth The Money?

Many people who are buying their first kayak are going to try their best to stay at the shallow end of the price pool. It’s understandable, they’re starting a new hobby and don’t want to commit a lot of money towards something that they’re still not sure they’ll enjoy. Luckily, there are numerous cheap kayaks on the market to help encourage these folks to take the plunge.

Review of the Viper Kayak

If you’ve been in a Menards store within the past few years, there’s a near hundred percent chance that you’ve walked past a Viper Kayak. They range in colors from lime green, tangerine or dark blue and are usually displayed up high on the wall (sometimes stood up vertical on the floor) making them hard to miss. In my case, it was the wall arrangement accompanied by a “on sale” sign that finally convinced me to purchase one (actually two) and put them to the test.

Here is my pros and cons list of the Viper Kayak:


Price: Usually listed at $199.00, Menards almost always has a sale going on or coming up. When I picked mine up it was during a 11% rebate sale so I paid just under $180.00 with paddles.

Kayak Weight: This Kayak is under 45lbs, allowing me to rest the inside of the kayak on my shoulder and carry it to and from the water without dragging it across the ground.

Weight Capacity: The Viper Kayak can hold up to 300lbs. As somebody who likes to take day trips in my kayak and go fishing, its nice to know that I can load this kayak up with gear and not worry about buoyancy.

Durability: Surprisingly, this Kayak can take a beating: I’ve dragged this kayak up and down cement loading ramps, I’ve ran into concrete boulders and stumps and I’ve driven on the highway with them on top my vehicle. I still have yet to spring a leak or rub a hole through the floor.

Room to add accessories: The Viper Kayak comes with a large built in drink holder as well as two molded trays on the front of the kayak. Still, there is plenty of room for other accessories on both the front and the back. I’ve converted one of my Viper’s into a fishing kayak, you can view what I’ve added and the list of accessories in this kayak fishing accessories guide.

Features: In addition to the cup holder and trays, the Viper Kayak comes with adjustable feet braces, a lightly padded seat and bungees on the front and back.

Viper Kayak Review
Viper Kayak Review
Viper Kayak Review


Cheap Hardware:  After a few uses I pulled the front handle off my kayak. Upon inspection I saw that the hardware securing the handle to the kayak didn’t go through the kayak, rather they screwed into the plastic just enough to keep the handle in place. I took a drill bit and finished the job and secured the handle with a bolt, washer and nut.

Bad Tracking: Going in a straight line on this kayak is tough. Each time you paddle you will slightly turn the nose of the kayak one way then the other. It definitely takes more time and effort on this kayak to get to where you’re going.

Back section not closed off: If you open the lid on the back of the kayak and put a water bottle or any other small item in the back it will eventually make its way up to your feet. There is no guard separating the front of the kayak from the back and items can get lodged on the side of your seat or even underneath.

Viper Kayak Review: Final Thoughts

The Viper Kayak is a good option if you’re looking to float down a river or paddle around a small lake. For as little as this kayak costs, you get a decent number of features and have the option to add more accessories as you see fit. I would recommend this for anybody looking to get into kayaking or having a second kayak for friends and family to use. I would also advise you to check for cheap kayaks on Amazon as from time to time they have impressive deals going on with free shipping.

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