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Connecting you to water through reviews and buyers guides for the latest kayaks and accessories. Get tips and advice on all the best kayaking spots and places to hire kayaks.

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Kayaking Locations

The best kayaking and canoeing locations in the USA as well as the top places to rent Kayaks, Canoes & SUPs.

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Canoe & Kayaks Guide

Buying guides for the best kayaks canoes and SUPs on the market.

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Accessories & Gear

All the latest and best kayaking stuff to take you kayaking trip to the next level

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Tips & Advice

Everything you need to know about kayaking, from water safety to the best phone Apps

Find Amazing Kayaking Locations

We've done all the research so you don't have to!

When it comes to finding the best spots to go kayaking, we’ve got you covered.  Whether you’re a kayaking or canoeing enthusiast or absolute beginner, you can expect to find the right helpful information to help you plan your next trip.  Don’t have a kayak?  No problem.  Our well researched directory of best kayak and paddleboard rentals businesses will help you on your way. 

Our Top Kayaking Spots

Compare & Choose Kayaks and Canoes

Expert knowledge to help you buy smart

Providing expert knowledge reviews about kayak, canoes and paddle boards and how they stack. We look at Kayaks Vs Canoes to see what sets them apart and which is better suited to your needs and activities. We take a look at the various types of kayaks available from touring kayaks to sit-on-top fishing kayaks. Comparisons of kayak brands with their competitors to see who comes out on top providing suggestions of other comparable products based on price or use.  

Our Top Kayak Reviews

Kayak Accessories & Gear

Get the right equipment to take your kayaking to the next level!

So you’ve got the kayaking bug and now you’re looking for more equipment to help make your paddling experience even better. Lucky for you, there are all sorts of great canoe & kayak accessories on the market these days. From gadgets that make it easier to steer and paddle your kayak, to gear that keeps you warm and protected from the elements, there’s something for everyone. 

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