INSMY Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker Review

Canoes and Kayaks

It was over a year ago that I purchased the INSMY Waterproof Speaker to be my designated canoe speaker for an upcoming canoe trip.

We were going to be doing a 12 mile trip down Sugar Creek and we had a large group of friends going. Since we were planning on being on the water for at least 5 hours I wanted to have a canoe speaker that would last the whole time and keep the good times going.

After reading some reviews on Amazon I purchased this speaker for $22.99 and off to the river with it I went.

best bluetooth waterproof speaker

The total canoe trip took us around 6.5 hours. As I mentioned we had a big group and made quite a few stops along the way. As soon as we got settled into our canoes I turned the speaker on and here is where I’ll start my review:


I had the INSMY waterproof speaker charged to 100% and was playing music from my phone via bluetooth at full volume (both on my phone and on the speaker). After about 5 hours playing time the speaker was still going strong. To be honest I wasn’t expecting this speaker to last the whole time, despite it boasting up to 12 hours playtime. I was pleasantly surprised


Surprisingly loud. For the compact size of this speaker everybody said they could hear the music playing with clarity, even those 20-30 feet back from us. With that being said, I had this speaker at max volume the entire trip which cut into its battery life.

Waterproof Speaker Test

Avoid using the suction to mount your speaker to your Canoe or Kayak. I was in a metal canoe and thought I may be able to use the suction cup this speaker comes with to suction it to the inside wall of the canoe, it didn’t work well. Every few minutes it would fall down.

Far better to use the chord attached to the suction to tie it off securely on your vessel or a larger item such as a cooler handle.

While I never completely submerged the speaker in water, it got splashed and handled plenty with wet hands. The speaker never skipped a note. In addition, the speaker was sitting in direct sunlight for a good portion of the trip and never overheated.

Suction Attachment


All in all the INSMY C12 IPX7 waterproof bluetooth speaker isn’t a bad little speaker to take kayaking or canoeing. For $23 you can’t go wrong. The speaker does everything you need it to do and if for some reason it goes overboard it’s not a total loss.

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