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Kayak Anchor System: Airhead Folding Grapnel Anchor Review

As a big fisherman it became apparent that I would need to get some type of kayak anchor system for windy days. So the big question was – Can you anchor a kayak? I scoured the internet for the answer in search of a light, compact and folding anchor that I could bring with me on trips and tuck out of the way when not in use.

After some research I came across this Airhead folding grapnel anchor and thought it would fit the bill. I wasn’t disappointed.

Even if you don’t like to fish, you may still find yourself in a situation where you’re out on the water and need to secure yourself in place. Some people like to take a book with them to read on the water and don’t want to drift halfway across the lake. Others may want to paddle to the sandbar and get out of their kayak.

Whatever the reason is, this small foldable anchor system may be the best folding kayak anchor you can buy. It makes a great fishing kayak anchor. I’ve taken my kayak out on the lake in 15-20 mph winds and this bad boy has held me in place, no issue.

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The Best Kayak Anchor System?

Here’s what I like about this anchor:

  • it’s less than 3.5 pounds and wont weigh you down if stowed away on your kayak/canoe.
  • It’s foldable and comes with a case for storage. The case is big enough to fit all 25 feet of rope inside.
  • The arms dig into the bottom to hold you in place, better than the mushroom styles IMO.
  • It comes with plenty of rope (25 feet). I made knots at 5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet and 20 feet and connected a clip to each section. This way there’s not 25 feet of rope out if it’s not needed.
  • It is affordable. As I write this it’s currently priced on Amazon at less than $29. When I bought mine a year or so ago it was over $30.

Will this hold a fishing boat in place?

In a pinch. I’ve let my friends use this anchor as a backup for there 14ft aluminum fishing boat. In 10 mph winds this anchor held their boat in place. If you’re planning on using this for a bigger boat or pontoon I would opt for something bigger.

Attaching to your Kayak

Depending on your kayak you may be able to attach the anchor clip to your kayak’s front or back handles. I opted to attach a bracket within arms reach so I could easily clip/unclip and adjust the rope while sitting in my kayak. Another option would be to spend $3 or $4 on a d-ring and mount from your local hardware store and attach it to your kayak.


I really wish I had some negatives to say about this anchor but I don’t. If you’re looking for an anchor that will hold you in place when you need it and store away behind you when you don’t then this is the anchor for you. Heavy enough to hold a kayak, an even a small boat, I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this one.

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