Pelican Kayak Review: Is The 100X Range Any Good?

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Pelican kayaks are a popular option for those looking for a quality, affordable water vessel. Pelican International is one of the biggest kayaks, canoes, and other water sports equipment manufacturers. Their 100X range is one of the most liked options available, but is it worth the money? In this post, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of the pelican kayak line to help you decide if it’s the right purchase for you. Whether you’re an experienced kayaker or just starting, this post has something for everyone. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

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What are Pelican Kayaks made of?

Pelican kayaks are made of high-density polyethylene, also referred to as RAM-X material. The polyethylene is shaped into the exterior of the kayak by a thermoforming process. Three layers of dense polyethylene are then coated in an additional layer of resin, strengthening the exterior and giving it a glide. This manufacturing process and materials also carry over to their recent 100X range.

How stable is a Pelican Kayak?

Most of the kayaks in the 100X range have a multi-chine hull, which is the secret to their stability. A chine in boat design is a sharp change in angle in the cross section of a hull. A multi-chine hull breaks through the water gently, making the kayak more stable. 

These chines also help reduce the amount of turn that happens when you lean the kayak to one side. The Pelican kayak is an excellent option for beginners as they are one of the most stable kayaks to pick from.

The Best Pelican 100X Kayaks

If you’re on the hunt for a new kayak and you’re wondering if the Pelican 100X range is good, it’s safe to say yes, they are. But for a deeper look into the range, this article compares some of the most popular Pelican 100X kayaks so you can make an informed choice.

Let’s discuss the features, materials, the design, and the ‘best used for’ features of the 4 types of Pelican 100x range.

Pelican Maxim 100X Recreational Kayak

Length: 120 inches
Width: 28 inches
Weight: 36 lbs
Weight Capacity: 275 lbs

The Pelican Maxim 100X is proving to be a popular choice among recreational kayakers. It has a shallow v-chine hull that makes it reasonably easy to manoeuvre. A flat hull and extra floating blocks on the sides increase stability, making it ideal for intermediate and beginner kayakers. With an ERGOFORM backrest and ERGOBASE seat cushion, the Pelican Maxim 100X kayak is excellent for kayakers that want to relax.

What we like:
✅ Weighs 36 pounds; lightweight and east to transport and store
✅ Two storage compartments, one in the rear tank and one in the front hatch
✅ The polyethylene material is durable so you can get a lot of use out of it

We don’t like:
⛔️ The storage compartments are too shallow

Pelican Sentinel 100X Sit-On-Top Kayak

Length: 9.3 feet or 112 inches
Width: 30 inches
Weight: 42 lbs
Weight Capacity: 275 lbs

The Pelican Sentinel 100X is a sit-on-top kayak. Its multi-chine hull gives it maximum stability for a calmer ride, making it ideal for recreational kayakers. Like most Pelican kayaks, it’s made with RAM-X polyethylene, making it durable and able to withstand the wear and tear of being in the water. Similar to the Pelican Maxim 100X, it also comes with a storage platform in the front complete with bungee cords.

Components of the kayak include footrests, an ExoSheell removable storage compartment, paddle tie-downs, a bottle holder, anti-slip carpeting, and handles for carrying the boat.

What we like:
✅ Anti-slip carpeting will give you more grip as you get in, move around, and get out of the kayak
✅ Paddle-tie downs keep your hands free when not paddling in the water
✅ The ErgoLounge seating system has thick cushioning and backrests for a comfortable ride on the water

We don’t like:
⛔️ Storage compartments are too shallow

Sprint 100XR Pelican Kayak

Length: 9.3 feet or 112 inches
Width: 28 inches
Weight: 41 lbs
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

The Pelican Sprint XR is a one-person kayak, ideally suited for kayakers with an advanced skill level. It has a deep v-chine hull that enables a stable ride on the water. Its v-chine hull also helps make it responsive to shifts in weight and movements by the passenger, making it less prone to tipping. Extra floating blocks and stern bulkhead improve the floatation of the boat, making it easy for you to get in and out.

It’s made with the classic Pelican high-density polyethylene giving it high durability. Although polyethylene is high in molecular weight, the boat is lightweight and therefore easy to store and carry to the water.

What we like:
✅ Ideal for kayaking in the ocean since the exterior is built to cut through waves easily
✅ You get storage compartments in the front and back, and with the weight capacity, you can carry more items than usual in this boat
✅ Excellent for kayak-based sports and fast-paced kayaking

We don’t like:
⛔️ It doesn’t come with a drain plug, so you’ll have to manually empty the water if you manage to get water inside the kayak

Argo 100XR Pelican Kayak

Length: 10 feet or 120 inches
Width: 29 inches
Weight: 41 lbs
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

The Pelican Argo 100XR is a lightweight one-person kayak. It has a removable seating system with thick cushioning for maximum comfort. A twin-arched multi-chine hull is created to maximize the boat’s stability, especially as you get in and out of it. Floating blocks work to minimize tipping as well. Similar to other Pelican kayaks, it’s made with high-density polyethylene, so you know it will be durable.

There is a storage hatch and a storage platform complete with bungee cords to keep your belongings secure while you’re on the water. Other components include paddle tie-downs, knee pads, adjustable footrests, a bottle holder, and a bottle cage.

What we like:
✅ Best suited for calmer waters and recreational kayaking. Exterior structures such as the hull boost stability and make for a smooth water ride
✅ The rear storage hatch is deep and can hold many items
✅ Paddle tie-downs allow you to float hands-free on the water

We don’t like:
⛔️ Not suitable for racing or fast-paced kayaking


This rundown was to help give you a better idea of the pros and cons of each of the four most popular kayaks in this range. So whether you’re looking for a kayak to relax in, go fishing in, or race around the water in, Pelican’s 100X range has something for you. The versatile 100X range is worth looking into, especially for beginners that need extra stability and floatation in their boats.


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