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What if we told you to throw away all your old-school methods of getting information for kayaking; hand me down tales from your father and grandfather, maps, and guidebooks. What if I told there is a much simpler way of finding out information related to kayaking that can be summed up in three words?… Apps for kayaking!

That’s right, with the advancement in technology in all walks of life, we now thankfully have apps that are dedicated to the sole purpose of guiding us while kayaking! Exciting, isn’t it?

With numerous different kayaking apps available for both iPhone and Android, we have brought you some of the best ones that should assist you on the water. 

kayaking apps for iphone
kayaking apps

1. Waterspeed Sail, Paddle, Surf

Available on the App Store with a 4.9 rating, Waterspeed Sail, Paddle, Surf is a great app for sailing as it records all real-time performances. Whether you are using an iPhone or wearing an Apple Watch, this app will accurately track your performance using GPS. 

The app allows you to set a countdown timer before the start of a race so you beat your previous records. Also, it helps you check weather, tide, and gust forecasts before you head out for a kayaking adventure. In short, the app is ideal for logging activities, viewing speed, and figuring out different angles.

paddling apps
apps for kayaking

2. Paddle Logger for Watersports

Sitting next on our list is an app that’s currently being used by thousands of athletes. 

Paddle Logger For Watersports. It’s one of the best kayaking apps for iPhone and offers multiple wonderful features such as tracking your journey. 

This multi-award-winning mobile app can record your workout stats, notify you in dangerous situations, and it can also sync with Apple Healthkit. The usability of the app is quite simple and easy which means you will be able to understand how it works within no time.

paddle logger app for android
best kayak apps

3. Navionics - Boating Marine & Lakes

When it comes to the best kayaking apps, Navionics is a popular and well-known name that you’re likely to come across. Navionics is famous for its electronic navigation charts of marine areas like lakes and rivers. It is also an excellent app that offers advanced features such as checking your charts, creating routes, and putting down markers on your location. 

This app is available on both IOS and Android, and multiple users have also shared amazing reviews after using it. However, you can only use the free version of this app for two weeks, after that you will have to choose between different paid premium plans. 

marine tracking apps
kayak fishing app

4. Fish Brain

Want to take your kayak fishing to the next level?  Do it with Fish Brain.

Fish Brain is one of the most trusted kayaking apps for Android and iPhone alike. It claims it has over 14 million users recorded 12 million catches.   It’s a valuable tool for fishing kayaking enthusiasts, allowing you to connect with other people who are in the same area as you. 

What’s more, it also provides you with the ability to discover new fishing spots, offers valuable input about weather forecasts, best bait to use in the area, most likely time for the fish to bite and much more! There is a free version of the app plus a Pro version for around $9.99 a month.  If you invest in this application you will be able to create a complete log of your own with all the details about your kayaking adventures.

fishing apps
kayak weather apps

5. Windy - Wind & Waves Forecast

As the name suggests, Windy can be a great tool for weather forecasts if you are unsure if you should venture out for kayaking or not. It is fast, detailed, and one of the most accurate forecast apps around. If you are visiting a new place and are unsure about its weather conditions then Windy will be there for the rescue.  

This app has an awesome radar and is perfect for wind reports, statistics, wind meters, wind gusts, and much more. The free version allows you to use the basic functions and if you are interested in learning more, then you can also opt for a subscription.

kayak weather apps
best kayak apps

6. Savvy Navvy

The Savvy Navvy application can be useful for you if you are a beginner at kayaking as you will need assistance. It is a must-have navigation tool for people who go kayaking quite often and always have to keep a check on weather conditions. 

It Free Features include –
• All USA nautical savvy charts
• Weather Forecast
• Departure scheduling
• Record GPS Tracks
• Automatic weather routing, including Course to Steer(CTA)
• Marina information at the touch of a button.
• And much more

Savvy Navvy is known as a potentially life-saving app when it comes to Apps for kayaking, as it helps people cross-check their plans and the tide, of course.

best apps for gps tracking
tide apps

7. Tide Charts Near Me

Are you focusing on the tides in the areas near you before you and your friends go for a short kayaking trip? Tide Charts Near Me, which is available on both iPhone and Android (Tide Charts), should be the app of your choice. This app will help you get the best insights before your kayaking trips such as tidal conditions, nearby tide stations, and lunar data. 

Many users have also shared reviews about how it is a great app and commented on the accuracy of the data it provides. 

tide apps
apps for kayaking

8. MarineTraffic - Ship Tracking

MarineTraffic – Ship Tracking Application will provide you with real-time shipping information. This app can help you view a vessel’s position as well as accurate weather forecasts. 

The enhanced search results will ensure that you head safely out on your next kayaking trip with knowledge of all vessel directions and speed around you. It has a 4.8 rating out of 5 as many people have appreciated its features such as a live map. Designed for Android and Apple devices, you can install this app both on your iPhone and iPad. 

Wrapping Up The Best Apps For Kayaking

Choosing Apps for kayaking can be pretty overwhelming as there are so many available.

With various kinds of kayaking apps providing various functions, much of your decision will come down to what do you need the app to do and whether you need to link it to a smartwatch. Nearly all of these apps have a free version offering limited user experience or a short term trial.  Most of them are reasonably priced considering the costs involved with keeping apps updated and free of bugs.  You get what you pay for.

Whether you want to check the weather forecast, take a specific route, or want to upload fishing photos, one or more of these apps will be able to help you out. We hope that this guide will help you decide which app is the most suitable for your needs. 

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